Wayne Couzens’ wife Elena ‘logs in remotely’ to watch husband being jailed for life

The wife of Sarah Everard’s rapist, kidnapper and murderer Wayne Couzens is believed have logged on remotely to watch him being sentenced.

Mum-of-two Elena was said to have seen the sentencing online from a secret location, after her mother revealed she was living in fear after her husband’s arrest.

Couzens – who at the time was a serving Metropolitan Police officer – was handed a whole-life term by Lord Justice Fulford today and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Elena is said to have logged on to the Old Bailey’s computer system to watch the two-day sentencing hearing take place.

She will have heard as her husband’s victim’s father and sister asked him to look at them while they read their victim impact statements to him.

Couzens had his head bowed throughout and failed to look up even when he was ordered by the judge to stand.

Speaking earlier in the year exclusively to the Sunday Mirror Couzen’s mother in law Nina Sukhoreba said she was shocked about how Elena had been treated.

Elena married Couzens in 2006 after they met in Switzerland, where she was working.

From her home in Kirovograd, Ukraine, Mrs Sukhoreba said: “I am very surprised how the Western people have behaved.

“How can they write such horror about my family?”

Elena is said to be living in fear of trolls, who have attacked her and her husband on her Facebook account, which has since been taken down.

During sentencing, the Old Bailey heard how Couzens took his wife and children to the woods where he had hidden Sarah Everard’s body in a fridge.

Sarah was kidnapped by Couzens at 9.38pm when he ‘arrested’ her as part of a fake Covid patrol – the start of a terrifying ordeal which lasted an estimated five hours.

He drove through south London and then to Dover, arriving shortly before 11.30pm, where he moved her into his Seat car.

Couzens then drove out of Dover to remote countryside near Deal, where detectives believe he raped and strangled her.

Prosecutor Tom Little said “we simply can’t say” if Sarah was murdered immediately after the rape or hours later.

After the murder Couzens’s phone was recorded near Ashford at 3am, when he is believed to have hidden her body inside a fridge in woods.

Couzens later went home for the rest of day and even found time to calmly make a dental appointment.

Chillingly he returned to the woods two days later, on March 7, with his wife and two children.

Mr Little said: “He took his family on a trip to the very woods where days earlier he had left Sarah’s body, then returned to burn it and then returned again to move and hide it.

“He allowed his children to play in relative close proximity to where Sarah’s body had been dumped in the pond.”